Patricio Valenzuela
Cargo Actual

Profesor Asistente

Grado Académico
  • Ph.D. en Economía, European University Institute.
  • M.S. en Economia, European University Institute.
  • Ingeniero Comercial, Universidad de Chile.
Áreas de Especialización
  • Economía Financiera
  • Finanzas Corporativas
  • Finanzas Internacionales
  • Econometría Aplicada

SSRN Website


  • Financial Openness, Market Structure and Private Credit: An Empirical InvestigationEconomics Letters - Ronald Fischer y Patricio Valenzuela [»»]

  • Sovereign Ceilings “Lite”? The Impact of Sovereign Ratings on Corporate RatingsJournal of Banking & Finance - Eduardo Borensztein, Kevin Cowan, Patricio Valenzuela.[»»]

  • “Financial Intermediaries, Capital Markets and Alternative Financial Systems” (with Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti, and Jun Qian). The Handbook of the Economics of Finance, edited by G. Constantinides, M. Harris, and R. Stulz, forthcoming.[»»]

  • “Resolving the African Financial Development Gap: Cross-Country Comparisons and a Within-Country Study of Kenya” (with Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti, Robert Cull, Jun Qian, and Lemma Senbet) in NBER volume on African Successes edited by S. Edwards, S. Johnson and D. Weil, forthcoming.[»»]

  • “Who Benefits From Capital Account Liberalization? Evidence From Firm-Level Credit Ratings Data” (with Alessandro Prati and Martin Schindler), Journal of International Money and Finance 31, 1649-1673, 2012.[»»]

  • The Determinants of Corporate Risk in Emerging Markets: An Option-Adjusted Spread Analysis” (with Eduardo Cavallo), International Journal of Finance and Economics 15, 59-74, 2010.[»»]

  • “Debt Sustainability under Catastrophic Risk: The Case for Government Budget Insurance” (with Eduardo Borensztein and Eduardo Cavallo), Risk Management and Insurance Review 12, 273-294, 2009.[»»]

  • Evaluación del Impacto de la Capacitación en la Productividad (with Eduardo Soto and Hugo Vergara). Serie Vector Nº 9, Fundes, 2003.[»»]

Documentos de Trabajo

  • "Does Finance Accelerate or Retard Growth? Theory and Evidence" (with Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti, Jun “QJ” Qian). [»»]

  • "Improving Access to Banking: Evidence from Kenya” (with Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti, Robert Cull, Jun "QJ" Qian, Lemma Senbet), NBER Research Project on African Successes, 2011.[»»]

  • “Rollover Risk and Corporate Bond Spreads”, European University Institute, submitted.[»»]

  • “Sovereign Ceilings “Lite”? The Impact of Sovereign Ratings on Corporate Ratings in Emerging Market Economies” (with Kevin Cowan and Eduardo Borensztein) IMF WP 07/75, submitted.[»»]

  • “Becoming an Entrepreneur” (with Hugo Ñopo) IZA Discussion Papers 2716.[»»]

Proyectos en Progreso

  • “Capital Account Restrictions and the Cost of Debt Capital for Private Firms: Inflows versus Outflows.”

  • “Creditor Rights and the Cost of Debt in Times of Financial Distress” (with Eugenia Andreasen).

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